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Birthday Groovy Greetings!

Groovy Smiley with Happy Birthday Greetings!
May your birthday be so special
 that you find yourself smiling about it long after its over!

MIDI Selection - Wonderful World

Relax On Your Birthday!

Our Great 3D Beach Scene with Birthday Greetings!
Its your birthday! Take it easy! Relax!
Just pretend you are at work!

MIDI Selection - Girl From Ipanema


New!  Birthday Humor!
Getting this birthday card shouldn't surprise you...
...unless you were expecting a present of course!!
Happy Birthday!
MIDI Selection - Shaft!

Our Great 3D Heart with Birthday Greetings!
The heart that loves is always young. - Greek Proverb
Wishing you a year filled with love & joy.
Happy Birthday!
MIDI Selection - Kiss From a Rose


3D Birthday cake with JAVA Fireworks Greeting!  New!

~ NEW ~ 
Our 3D Birthday cake with JAVA Fireworks!
Sending you warmest wishes for a joy filled birthday
 and a lovely year.

MIDI Selection - Happy Birthday To You!

Surprise!  A Sexy Birthday Greeting! 
Java Enhanced Mosiac Image flips into High Color "Happy Birthday To You!"  
Caption:  Hope your day is filled with Surprises!
MIDI Selection - The Stripper


Have a Rockin' Birthday!  Java Jigsaw Puzzle!
Turn Your Speaker Volume Down!   This card ROCKS!
MIDI Selection - Birthday (Beatles)

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